Turkey Ashrafi Altin Gold Coin of 1703 Sultan Ahmed III

Turkey Ashrafi Altin Gold Coin
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Turkey Ashrafi Altin (also known as Zeri Istanbol - the near eastern equivalent of the gold ducat) type altin coin of the Ahmed III, struck at the Islambol mint (the former city of Constantinople), which fell under Ottoman rule after the fall of the Byzantine Empire. This example lacks the usual regnal year numbering on the top of the reverse design. Therefore this coin was issued during the year of coronation of the sultan (1703 AD or AH 1115).
Ashrafi (Persian: اشرفی ) was gold coin issued by Muslim dynasties in Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia.
Weight: 3.46 gram of Pure Gold.
Diameter: 18 mm
Obverse: Tughra (State Seal) of Sultan Ahmed III.
Reverse: Initial letter "md" (instead of regnal year) above mint name (Islambol) and accession date (1115).