Turkish Gold Coins 25 Kurush Gold Coin of 1913, Sultan Mehmed V.

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Turkish Gold Coins - 25 Kurush
Turkey Gold 25 Kurush Coin
Turkey 25 Kurush Gold coin
Gold Coins of Turkey 25 Kurush gold coin, struck under HIM Mehmed V Great Sultan and Padishah of the Ottoman Empire, during 1912/1913 at the Constantinople mint.

Obverse: State seal (tughra) of Mehmed V above regnal year (4). 7 stars above. All within wreath.
Comment: Honorific title "Reshat" in right field.
Reverse: Denomination numeral (25) above, mint name (Constantinople) and accession year (1327) below.

Weight: 1.86 gram of Gold (.917) 0.0532 oz. AGW.
Diameter: 15 mm

Mehmed V Reshad (Ottoman Turkish: محمد خامس Meḥmed-i ẖâmis, Turkish: Mehmed V Reşad or Reşat Mehmet) (2/3 November 1844 – 3/4 July 1918) was the 35th Ottoman Sultan.
Reign: 27 April 1909 – 3 July 1918.