Ottoman Empire 2 Rumi Altin Gold Coin 1818 Sultan Mahmud II

Ottoman Double Rumi Altin Gold Coin
Ottoman Empire Gold Coin 2 Rumi Altin
Ottoman Empire 2 Rumi Altin Gold Coin, Sultan Mahmud II, minted in 1818.

Obverse: Tughra (state seal of the sultan) and rose within a thick decorative floral border.

Reverse: Regnal year (12) above mint name (Qustantiniyah) and accession date (1223) within decorative floral border.

Denomination: 2 Rumi Altin
Mint Year: 1818 (AH1223+12)
Reference: Nuri Pere 756, KM-614. R!
Mint Place: Constantinople (Qustantiniyah)
Diameter: 28 mm
Weight: 4.81 gram of gold