Ottoman Empire Gold Sultani Altin, dated 1520.

Gold Coin Ottoman Empire
Ottoman Empire Gold Sultani Altin
Ottoman Empire, Sulayman I. Gold Sultani Altin, dated 1520 (AH 926).

Reference: Artuk 936, Nuri Pere 188.
Ruler (Sultan): Sulayman I. "the Magnificent"
Weight: 3.53 gram of Pure Gold.
Diameter: 20 mm

This gold coin, issued by the Ottoman Empire, under Sultan Sulayman I. Kanuni ("the Lawgiver"). This coin was struck at the Sidrekapsi Mint (Siderocausa) in Greece. Coin featuring the shah titles for Suleyman and his father in reverse legends.
Siderocausa (Σιδηρόκαυσα), Sidirokafsia (Σιδηροκαυσία), Sidrekapsi, Sidre kapsi, Sidre qapsi, Sidrekaisi, Sidrekapisi, or Siderocapsa was a Byzantine silver and gold mine and Ottoman mint east of Thessaloniki. It was located in northeastern Chalcidice, in a group of twelve villages later called the Mademochoria (< Turkish maaden 'mine' + Greek χωριά 'villages'), including Stratoniki and Stagira.